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    Hospital Elevator

    Hospital elevators consider the feelings and emotions of people to the design process. Therefore, the hospital model features a smooth ride and soothing colors.
    Flawless installation plus accurate control system, ensure that passengers will not experience the drag of acceleration, the throw of slowing down, and the vibration caused by elevator motion.
    Elegantly-shaped car and warm colors make passengers feel as if they were not riding in a cold machine.

    Car interior

    Car interior

    Etched stainless steel & Hairline stainless steel Ceiling type : Painted steel sheet (various selection).
    Car comtrol : Modular type COP.
    Plate : with aluminum strips.
    Car Wall : Hairline stainless steel & Etched stainless steel (various selection).
    Car Door : Hairline stainless steel & Etched stainless steel (various selection).
    Car Flooring : Endurable plastics floor (various selection). Hand rail : Hairline stainless steel.
    Kick Plate : painted Steel Sheet.
    Entrance Frame : Stainless steel or Aluminum with Hairline finished.

    Entrance Deslgns

    Entrance Deslgns

    Our Product

    When you touch the button lightly,
    and at the moment the door opens You feel a silent,
    conbenient, and safe ~~~ Enjoyable ride ~~~

    Entrance Deslgns

    Door panel : Hairline Stainless steel (various selection).

    Car Comtrol Plate : Modular type COP with aluminum strips (LED indicator).

    Door Jamb : Stainless steel splay.

    Entrance Sill : Hard aluminun sill.

    Hoistway Plan

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