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    Department stores, shopping mall, hotel, luxurious residential and office buildings.

    Our company develops various types of Fuji Landscape Master Elevators such as elegant and noble panorama observation elevators coordinating with the artistic concept of the architect and landscape designer.
    Aside from providing a satisfying view while riding , people can also enjoy the night view,
    to further emphasize the refined design of the building
    ~~~~ Beauty of the Night ~~~~

    Landing Designs


    Our Product


    The round Model“A” Observation Elevator Projecting outside the building has an approximately 270 degrees of surround panorama, patronizing , and takes the whole view.

    Our Product


    The design of the three-sided view, hexagonal car projecting outside the building fully expresses the effect of artistic line and the blend of wide-angle view.

    Our Product


    The style elevator is designed for installation at the comer of a builiding. View angle at both sides fully catches the effect of the view at different angles.

    Our Product


    The one-side view that is parallel with the building which emphasizes plane style of the building not only maintain its original style but also maintain the service value of observation elevator.

    Hoistway Plan

    System Function

    Standard Function

    1、Flight Control Timer
    According to the elevator travel, the system can set a limited operation time in order to protect machine and passengers.

    2、Safety Landing
    Car will leveling at nearest floor then keep door when controller detected a harmless breakdown signal.

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    3、Door Interruption Protection
    The controller will close the door and bypass this floor, if door can not open completely after the preset time. So as will the controller shutdown if door can not close completely after the presetting time.

    4、Next Floor Landing
    When the elevator have reached the floor of destination, and if the door not will open, the elevator will travel to the next floor and open the door to avoid locking the passengers inside.

    5、Secret Floor Operation
    Registration of spcific floor can be made by changeable password.

    6、Anti-nuisance Operation
    If the registered floor of C.O.P are more than the load weight of car, contoller will cancel the extra floor in order to reduce power consumption due to wrong registration or nuisance.

    7、Car Homing
    The car will return to the main floor after finish the last service.

    8、Auto Door Open Waiting Time
    The computer can judge car call or and hall call automatically to give different door open waiting time and improve the loading rate of the elevator.

    9、Cancel Contrary Car Call
    Contrary registration from C.O.P will not be accept by controller.

    10、Hall button Stuck -in Protection
    If any hall button is blocked by itself or by external force after a presetting time , the controller will bypass it.

    11、Auto Cut-off Car Light and Fan
    If elevator not in service after presetting time, controller will cut-off the power of light & fan.

    12、Motor Thermal Temperature Protection
    Car will leveling at nearest floor then keep door open when motor overheat signal been detected by controller.

    13、Overload Device
    There is an overload button at the bottom of the cage.
    Whenever the weight of passengers or goods are over the standard weight, Overload sign will cause the alarm to ring and keep the cage door open to avoid elevator being overloaded.
    When the overload is removed, elevator can recover its original operation.

    14、Emergency Lighting
    Emergency light will switch on automatically when power failure, passenger can use interphone to communicate with building manager for rescue.

    Optional Function

    1、Emergency Landing Device
    In case of power failure, car will leveling at nearest floor and remain the door open.

    2、Seismic Operation
    In case of earthquake, car will leveling at nearest floor and remain the door open.

    3、VIP Operation
    Preset hall registration will be answer priority .(Maximum 2 stops)

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    4、Attendant Operation
    An attendant operation switch is installed in the car operation panel.
    When it is operating, the door will remain open and will respond only to the call signal in the car.
    The door will close after the attendant pressed the closed button and the elevator will run according to the call signal inside the car.

    5、Infrared screen door safety
    Door will reopen in process of closing when object appear within infrared sensor.

    6、Voice System
    This is the application of voice technique to play various voices required.

    7、Auto By-pass Hall Call
    Controller will temporary bypass the hall registration when full load signal been detected.

    8、Door Open Extension
    For the convenience of carrying goods in and out of the elevator, we may install a door open extension button in the operation panel. When this button is pressed, it can keep the door open longer.

    9、Fireman’s Operation
    A.In case of fire, car will leveling at ground floor to disperse passenger.
    B.Fireman carry out the mission of fire fighting.

    10、Group Control
    Automatically determine the Travel direction or to respond to the floor call.
    Aside from this elevator being full load, the nearest location second elevator will also not respond and continue serving other passengers or stop its service in order to avoid duplicate respond and waste energy.

    11、Group Supervisory operation system
    More than three elevators belong to the group supervisory operation system.
    Aside from the group control, its feature is as follows:
    ●Standby at the floor according to the time set.
    ●Automatically determine the frequency of elevator call to support running.
    ●Automatically learns to stand by and run.

    12、Central Monitoring & Control System
    We may install a central management system in the control room. Aside from monitoring and controlling the running conditions of elevators, it can also coordinae with the monitoring system, thus control the operation.

    13、Intelligent Remote SOS
    When the elevator has breakdown.
    The remote call system will automatically dial and notify the repairman and the passengers can talk to the repairman directly through the car phone system and wait for help.

    14、Telephone Direct Dialing System
    May install a help phone (this phone cannot dial any number freely )inside the car and can also set direct dialing to this company and other specified receiving point for help.

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