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Show room

Car Interior

The beautiful and elegant car design, the new visual experience, the entire mirror erosion, not only the style, but also adds the modern atmosphere and exquisiteness of your elevator.
Practical equipment, hidden phone, make the appearance more beautiful and generous, intimate armrest safety measures, improve the comfort and safety of various quality certifications when riding.

Product patents and certifications

Patented anti-scratch door frame

Republic of China Patent Certificate Invention No. M578325

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Anti-scratch door frame

  • Matching type (optional)
  • Patented door frame prevents scratches on the makeup steel plate when carrying heavy objects
  • Please contact the sales staff for the location of HB operation panel.

Landing Designs

Ride Space

The noble and elegant ride design, from the elegant home to the grand building, provides the most perfect combination, setting off the grand style of the whole building.
Pay attention to the interior space of the car, and don't neglect the feeling of the exterior of the car!

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Entrance Designs

  • Stainless steel door frame (Optional)
  • Standard surface and frame design
  • Patented anti-scratch door frame
  • Curtain-type makeup door frame

Ride design --
If the elevator is the heart of the building, then the ride is its appearance. The luxurious and comfortable ride door is not only a symbol of the building portal, but also enhances its sense of value.

Ceiling & Hand rail

Ceiling Designs

When you touvh the button lightly , and the door opens You feel of a warmth , elegant , and high qualitative elevator
~~~have an enjoyable ride~~~

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  • Warm and gentle
  • (Laser cutting of hairline stainless steel plate)
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  • Bright and clean
  • (Laser cutting of hairline stainless steel plate)


  • The beautiful and generous handrail design, the newly designed stainless steel streamline integrated operation panel, not only style, but also adds the modern atmosphere and exquisiteness of your elevator.
  • Intimate armrest safety measures to improve comfort and safety while riding.

Our Product

FS02 Handrail

  • Handrail – mirror S/S
    with walnut
  • The stainless steel central walnut solid wood handrail, the rest adopts the stainless steel pattern style, the diameter increases the design.
  • The beautiful and generous handrail design is not only stylish, but also adds the modern atmosphere and exquisiteness of your elevator.
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FS01 Handrail

  • Handrail – mirror S/S
    with etched S/S
  • Stainless steel central matte handrails, the rest are made of stainless steel hairline style, with an enlarged diameter design.
  • Intimate armrest safety measures improve comfort and safety when riding.

Ride button and operation panel-

Ride button and operation panel-

Infrared light curtain-

  • Light curtain sensing, when the system senses passengers or objects, the door of the car stops closing and immediately opens in reverse.

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Car siding (make-up color card) -

  • The car siding you choose should echo and complement the appearance and style of the building. Fuji elevator provides a variety of siding for you to choose. Make your elevator have your unique appearance and style.

Sample tile for floor -

  • You can choose the floor of your car to make your elevator have a unique appearance and style.

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Elevator features and product patents

Features of Fuji elevator integrated controller:

  • The integrated design of elevator drive and control makes the control structure compact and better performance, the system assembly wiring is simple, reduces external wiring, and reliability is increased.
  • Direct parking technology based on the principle of distance control, directly decelerates to the leveling position without the final speed running section.
  • In the acceleration section of the elevator, it immediately responds to car interception, shortens the running time and improves the transportation efficiency. N speed curves are generated instantly, and the best operating efficiency and sense of ride can be achieved without being restricted by short floors.
  • Multi-CPU redundant control improves the immediate control ability and safety of the elevator. The elevator control and drive control have complete safety protection capabilities, which greatly improves the safety factor of the elevator.
  • Integrate advanced CANBUS, MODBUS, GSM and other communication technologies to improve data transmission capabilities.
  • Built-in accurate real-time clock, providing time-sharing control function, fault occurrence time and running time record query, convenient for maintenance operations.
  • Built-in more than 60 fault detections, fault level classification processing, and comprehensive record of fault messages, Storing multiple fault messages and time can save the time for determining the cause of the fault to speed up troubleshooting, and implement individual protection measures according to the severity of the fault.
  • The use of load-compensated start-up technology with no-load sensor enables the elevator car to have excellent start-up comfort without installing weighing devices.
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Our Product

Our Product

The Benefit of PM Motor:

It is the abbreviation of gearless permanent magnet synchronous motor. Compared with the combination of traditional induction motor and reduction gear box, its volume is much smaller, and its high efficiency operation will be relatively energy-saving than the traditional motor. And environmentally friendly.
Permanent magnet synchronous motor replaces AC induction motor. Because it transmits torque through non-contact electromagnetic force, it solves the problem of jitter in the startup and operation of general traditional elevators, making elevators run more smoothly and more comfortably, while reducing the size of the motor. The noise is reduced, especially its energy-saving effect is very significant. If a gearless traction machine is used, when the brake of the elevator fails, the current braking function of the permanent magnet synchronous motor can be used to ensure the low-speed sliding of the car to avoid accidents, which is safe for the elevator. Add a safety barrier.
"Energy-saving" and "environmental protection" have become the clear themes of current industrial products. The current elevator design is the most different from the previous elevators, which is driven by PM permanent magnet synchronous motors. Gear traction machine greatly improves the efficiency of operation.

Anti-burst protection device for elevator permanent magnet synchronous motor

When the elevator is in automatic operation and the motor decelerates to stop and open the door, if the brake that relies on the brake motor fails, the star-closing circuit is delayed by 1 to 2 seconds, the car may have moved 3 to 9 meters quickly, and it is difficult to guarantee the elevator. No personnel accidents occur.
Moreover, the life of the capacitor is aging year by year due to the influence of time and ambient temperature, and the quality is difficult to ensure.
In order to overcome the above technical defects in the industry, the company invested in R & D and improvement to replace traditional power resistors with NTC resistors.
Because the resistance value of NTC at normal temperature is large, the instantaneous high current at the time of star star short circuit is suppressed at high speed of the synchronous motor, and the NTC becomes extremely low resistance after heating, so that the synchronous motor has a large braking torque when stopped , Reduce the speed of elevator sliding, greatly improve the comfort and safety of passengers.

Low-noise elevator brake control device

    The main noise sources of the elevator are the hoist motor, reduction gear, electromagnetic brake of the brake motor and electromagnetic contactor that controls the power of the motor in the machine room. The advantages of this product are as follows:
  • Apply silicon controlled gate fluid and time control circuit to control voltage.
  • The action of the brake after the power is turned off is gentle, which reduces the collision sound of the brake pad and the brake drum.
  • The relay is a hermetic package type, and the contact is not easily oxidized with time. Because it is used for zero-point voltage control, there is no current when the contact is opened and closed, so there is no spark, and the contact life is long, It is explosion-proof and prevents electromagnetic interference to surrounding electronic products.
  • The power supply end has slow blow fuses, noise filter capacitors, lightning surge protector and rectifier.
  • With over-current short-circuit protection circuit, the output is automatically cut off when the instantaneous current exceeds, to avoid contact adhesion and damage of electronic parts.
  • With output feedback detection circuit, the elevator control system can be notified by the feedback signal to make the product more safe.
  • The operating voltage of the special control terminal can prevent the coil from being burned or the contactor iron core to vibrate, buzz, bounce and spark when the voltage is wrong or the frequency is unstable.
  • The primary power supply at the control end adopts RC resistor-capacitor step-down circuit and has lightning strike protector and resettable fuse. The RC step-down circuit is simple and reliable, and can withstand the frequent start-up operation of the elevator.
  • The circuit board of the elevator machine room is coated with insulating paint for dustproof and moisture-proof treatment, and then applied with a metal cover for protection. The average life can reach more than several times of the general components in the industry.

Clamp protection device for accidental movement of carriage UCMP

Unintended Car Movement Protection (UCMP), derived from the European amendment EN81-1: 1998 A3 amendment: when the elevator is in the leveling position and the door is open, if the elevator moves unexpectedly, UCMP safety Immediately start protection and stop elevator operation, adding a safety guarantee for passengers.
UCMP is aimed at motors and control systems, and can be divided into detection devices, control circuits, and brake components.

  • For detailed regulations and explanatory documents, please contact the company's business staff for request.

Elevator features and product patents

We strive to make elevator more
Safe | Comfort | Silent | Energy Efficient

Features and functions

Our Product

PM Motor
Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PM) is characterized by its low noise and highly efficient operation. Compared to its counterpart the geared-induction motors, PM motors can save up to 30 to 40 percent of energy. Owing to these advantages, PM motors have been widely used in variety of applications.

32 Bit Processor
The 32-bit DSP based 32-bit CPU can produce space-vector modulated inverter control signal that is essential for passenger’s comfort and energy efficient. The system run fully automated tested with over a hundred advanced test items to ensure it satisfies the highest safety requirement for any situations including maximum free fall range and sudden speed up.

Safe Torque Off Operation
Safe Torque Off (STO) in used for elevator safety control that complies safety standards. It is a matured safety function found in electric vehicle design. The STO function satisfies the Drive and Motor Safety Integrity Level SIL-3 specification and resolves the contactor noise, achieving below 45dB noise level. (Note 1)

Electronic Star-sealing
State of the art “Star-sealing circuit” braking torque technology is used in PM motor drive to generate braking torque electricity generated from the load inertia in replacing traditional contactor to protect the elevator from free fall. The Start-sealing unit is designed with IGBT transistor module that do away the need for the contactor units which often produces chattering noise and contact sparks often causes malfunction of motor driver. In addition to the fast response design, electronic star-sealing can avoid instantaneous brake caused by the safety loop action during free roter movements, resulting in mechanical vibration and damages. Similar function to ABS in car braking systems. (Note 2)

UCMP Protection
Our elevators are designed in complying European Lift Safety Standard EN81-1:1998 amendment. The compliance governs two independent braking systems, self-diagnosis of braking system, door-lock loop failure detection, upward over-speed protection associated with malfunction of breaking system, and door abnormality protection. (Note 3) (Optional)

ARD Device
Automatic Rescue Device is used in case of power failure. In traditional elevator design, depends on the motor size, is equipped with 2 to 4 lead-acid rechargeable battery with 2-year service life. The star-sealing based energy regeneration system allows optimum power saving, it allows the ARD to operate with a single lithium rechargeable battery by running the motor in the light weight direction. The design consumes less than a half of the battery which extends service life up to five years and hence reduces battery maintenance costs. (Note 4) (Optional)

Note 1 to Note 4: The Company reserves the right to change function at its discretion and subject to change without prior notice.

Safety first

Automatic fault analysis:
Classification of fault categories, such as the abnormal shutdown of elevators in non-level areas, under the condition of safety and normal power supply, the system can operate at low speed to the nearest floor to open the door, reducing the incidence of closing people. The built-in clock management of the system records the fault information and the time of occurrence, which facilitates the inspection and repair of abnormal problems and accelerates the troubleshooting.

Data network system:
Combined with advanced communication technology of CANBUS and MODBUS, it has strong anti-interference, which reduces the control lines by more than 60% compared with traditional elevators, and also reduces the failures caused by abnormalities on the control lines.

Earthquake control operation:
When an earthquake of magnitude 4 or higher occurs, the "earthquake sensor" immediately sends a signal to stop the elevator on the nearest floor and open the door, so that passengers can evacuate and evacuate as soon as possible. (Optional)

Intelligent control

Door Obstacle Protection:
In addition to the current overload protection, the elevator door detects obstacles when closing. After several door closing attempts the elevator shuts down and goes into standby mode to avoid damages.

Automatic door time:
The system selects pre-set door open time based on which call stop or destined floor to optimize traffic flow efficiency.

False call cancellation:
Passengers can cancel false calls when accidentally press the wrong floor button by pressing the same button twice.

. read more

Reverse direction call cancellation:
The system automatically cancels the reverse direction calls once the elevator reaches the top or bottom floor to prevent unnecessary trip.

Button card key exclusion:
If the call button is damaged due to damage to the key or external force, the elevator door will not be closed. After a certain time, the system automatically cuts off the button signal, so that the elevator can close the door to continue serving other floors.

Anti-tampering function:
The system can be equipped with a weighing sensor to automatically determine the number of passengers in the car. If too many floor buttons are registered, the elevator will automatically cancel the call of other floors in the car after running 3 floors to avoid unnecessary operation services.

Overload and full load detection:
When the passenger or the load exceeds the rated load of the elevator, the buzzer in the car emits a warning sound and keeps the elevator door open to avoid the danger of the elevator due to overload operation. The system can be equipped with a weighing sensor to automatically determine the number of passengers in the car. If the load exceeds 80%, the elevator will automatically pass the stop without accepting the call of the ride, to avoid adding invalid operation stops.

Automatic level correction:
Due to the change of the carriage load and the extension of the steel cable, when the deviation from the ground level is greater than 1.5 cm, the system can automatically fine-tune and correct it.

Arrival notice:
When the elevator is about to stop at the station, the floor display will flash and notify passengers with an electronic ringtone.
Customers can also choose "Voice Announcer" to facilitate people with reduced mobility to use the elevator.

PARK shutdown operation:
In commercial buildings at night or holidays, etc., when elevator management needs to be shut down, the key switch (or computer monitoring) is used to control the elevator to return to the main floor, stop running, and automatically turn off the lighting and fans.

Lamp fan automatically turns off:
When the elevator is not used within a set time, the lighting and fans in the car will be automatically turned off to save power.

Dedicated (VIP) service:
After the dedicated (VIP) service is started, the elevator will give priority to the VIP floor and open the door to wait, providing priority service for VIP. The display on each floor shows "dedicated". The elevator does not serve calls from other floors. If it is not used for more than 30 seconds, the elevator will automatically return to normal use.

Special floor control:
When some floors of the elevator need to be controlled for access, you can use a key switch or a preset specific time (or computer monitoring) to stop the service of a specific floor. (You can also choose a credit card machine for control)

Time-sharing and layered services:
In the case of continuous control of multiple elevators, the service of cutting off some floors can be preset within a specific time, so that the elevator can serve the floors with higher load capacity in a centralized manner.

Dot matrix LED display:
16x24 dot-matrix LED display in case of elevator failure, maintenance, full load, special use, fire protection, the floor display can display information in easy-to-understand Chinese (or English) to inform passengers waiting in the boarding station, and understand the operation of the elevator status.

MIB computer monitoring:
In the management room, a PC computer is used to monitor the operation status of all elevators in real time. If a failure or abnormality occurs, a red warning and failure content will appear on the elevator screen, and an alarm sound will be issued to notify the management , And archive the monitored abnormal information in real time to serve as reference data for customers or elevator maintenance personnel to diagnose elevators. The detailed operation status of each elevator is displayed in a dynamic graphic synchronization, such as elevator status, control status, fault information, car position, door opening and closing status, call status of each floor. Elevator control such as fault reset, fire recall, elevator lock and stop, special operation, floor control, elevator call to any floor, all can be operated by computer. (Optional)

Energy saving and carbon reduction

PM synchronous motor control:
Taking the 90m / m speed on the 10th floor as an example, a general residential elevator is used as an example. The elevator runs about 4 hours a day, and it runs about 900 times. The daily power consumption of the traditional inverter induction motor is about 22 degrees (3300 yuan per month); the daily power consumption of the synchronous motor is about 15 degrees (2250 yuan per month), which saves 32% of electricity. (Including the power consumption when the elevator is semi-standby Electricity about 4 kWh per day)

  • This description is an estimate and is for customer reference only.
  • AFE power regeneration device:
    When the inverter elevator decelerates and brakes, the electrical energy fed back by the motor in the form of power generation is consumed by means of the thermal energy generated by the power resistor. The high-tech energy regeneration technology can feed power back to the building power grid for other equipment. This system can save about 25-40% of energy. Most of the heat source of the elevator machine room comes from the power resistor. After installing the power regeneration device (hereinafter referred to as AFE), the resistor does not heat, and it also reduces the power consumption of the exhaust fan or air conditioner of the machine room.

  • The following example energy saving chart uses the old building as a general AC stepless motor, and the power consumption is 100%
  • (As shown below)。
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    Note : All dimensions and the specifications are subject to change without notice.

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